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"God gave me my mental wings to soar

  ...not hover."

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Love The Job You Hate: The 5 Fastest Steps to Turning Your Lunch Break Into Your Most Profitable Hour of the Day


"Bridging The Gap Between You And Your Legacy"


"The Underground Railroad

for the Cubicle Slave"

Legacy Bridge, Inc.

Capability Statement

...and just like every battle fought to preserve our freedom and way of life, WE DO NOT STOP UNTIL WE WIN! 


Legacy Bridge, Inc., a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, certified Woman Owned Small Business, certified Minority-Owned Business, as well as being a certified Veteran-Owned business, recognizes the major goal of your business is continuous growth with loyal employees. We also recognize the major goal of the employee is to grow along with you. However, a good majority of employees are unskilled in the art of working smarter to place them in line for career advancement. Legacy Bridge, Inc. proficiency lies in providing the employees the necessary tools required for the purpose of career advancement as well as working smarter to advance your company's bottom line.


You see, Legacy Bridge, Inc. was established with one concept in mind - LEADERSHIP! It's the leadership mentality that drives us to leave behind legacies we can be proud of and our dependents can inherit to give them the best principled and financial head start in life as possible. We demonstrate leadership in the form of Lunch and Learn Workshops specializing in time management, personal development, career development, team-building, conflict management, and of course, leadership.


When employees are encouraged to work smarter in alignment with the company mission and culture, the sky is no longer the limit.

cubicle    slave, [adj] a subconscious belief of an employee that they are one or more of the following 1. shackled to their cubicle by "staying in their place" afraid to bring any original ideas to the table.  2. is under-valued, under-employed, under-served, under-paid, and most often misunderstood. 3. afraid to pursue in-house promotions or other opportunities for fear of rejection or the lack of leadership skills. 4. powerless in the workplace because they don't feel that "connection" with the company.

Turn Your Lunch Break Into Your Most Profitable Hour of the Day and Gain the Healthy Kind of P.H.A.T. (Personal Habits Advance Transformation)

We offer several online workshops for those yearning to be free to pursue building a legacy for generations to come. Legacy Bridge, Inc. recognizes the biggest obstacle people face in reinventing themselves is they claim they don't have the time to invest in their future. Well, that's the beauty. These workshops are designed to take place within just one hour of your day – the lunch break.


So, if you still think you don't have the time, then Time Management for the Cubicle Slave is your answer. For those of you who feel powerless in the workplace Take Your Power Back is the workshop for you. If you're ready to start your own entrepreneurial journey, the Entrepreneurship for the Cubicle Slave workshop is your answer. If you just want to write about the journey that you're already on, then you need the Pen | Promote | Publish | Profit workshop.