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Since this country is so focused on those taking a knee as opposed to those of us who actually stood, it's up to us to build our own legacies. 

Combat to Contracts

Take Advantage of This Often Overlooked Benefit

WELCOME! This is one mission you will never regret volunteering for because you know what brought you here. For our brothers and sisters who are currently serving, you're done receiving mediocre annual raises, being told where you have to live, and taking orders from someone else is no longer an option. And for my faithful veterans wondering when they're going to get a bigger piece of the pie ...leaving behind your ribbons and medals as proof of your legacy is no longer an option. After all, it was each of you who made the many sacrifices of fighting wars in foreign lands only to come home to dysfunction and financial insecurity, not being equally represented in the government, and being treated like welfare recipients when you turn to your country for financial and health needs. NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO BE SERVED! 


You're in the right place if: 1) You're a Veteran and a sole proprietor of a business 2) You are currently serving your country and have to decide if re-enlisting is what's best for your financial future 3) You're a Veteran working in corporate America knowing you have what it takes to build your own business 4) You're ready to take advantage of the most often overlooked military benefit that delivers solid financial security - contracting with the Federal Government.

Listen up! Your peace of mind is at stake and you're done playing small. Building a legacy for yourself along with your dependents is now non-negotiable. You're ready to spend real quality time with your loved ones as you explore this mass universe and everything it has to offer. Your patriotism is no longer for sale, but your product is a different story.

Combat to Contracts Training

Why Choose Combat to Contracts

  • it saves you in time (years), confusion, money, and mistakes

  • it captures what entrepreneurs need to know about government contracting

  • it outlines the various ways you can qualify to do business with the Federal Government

  • it debunks a lot of the myths associated with the get rich quick schemes with real-life examples

  • it will help newcomers more effectively navigate the complexities of the largest market in the world

What's Inside This Course For You

  • practical advice for entrepreneurs just starting out

  • guidance on how to develop an overall plan to approach government business

  • step-by-step procedures to getting qualified for contracting with the Federal Government

  • introduces you to new procurement channels that newcomers may not be previously aware of

  • information is provided in a clear voice that explains some details in a way a non-Lawyer can understand

  • provides practical road-maps along with step-by-step instructions, guidelines, and checklists for going forward

  • provide insights into what other businesses have done that were successful in their approach to government contracting

What You Gain After Completing The Course

  • Federal Government contracts are a great method for businesses to expand

  • you will have built the business infrastructure and relationships you'll need to succeed over the long-term

  • it allows you to get started and sets you on the path for making sure you at least have the ability to compete by enhancing your opportunities in government contracting

Your Next Move

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