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Turn Your Lunch Break Into

Your Most Profitable Hour of the Day


gain the healthy kind of phat!

I'm ready to gain the healthy kind of PHAT!

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Actionable steps in taking your Plan B to the next level in terms of detail, strategy, and practicality. Regardless of if your dreams are to design your own clothing line, coach the next tennis super star, or set this world ablaze with your message of ending world hunger, it all begins with building a trendy platform your competition will envy and your target market will attest to time and time again. And you only need one essential hour of the day to make it all happen …your lunch break.

Fact Check No. 1: More than 50% of employees are taking staycations this year; and the majority of them have jobs that don't even have paid time off.


Fact Check No. 2: Your dead-end job is actually the biggest investment tool that you have in yourself – you just don’t know how to use it to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

I'm ready to gain the healthy kind of PHAT!

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