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$5 pre-Thanksgiving Buffet


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Main Menu


Take Your Power Back


Your appetizer features three succulent treats that will unapologetically incite the fire in you to discover and chase the career and lifestyle of your dreams while redefining your self-worth. 

1) The Lunch Break Hustler Rite of Passage

2) Take Your Power Back

3) Your Next Move 

Valued at $497.00

This calorie-free delicacy is filled with time management and actionable steps towards tricking that stingy boss of yours into bankrolling your entrepreneurial endeavors as you rightfully monetize the skills you do freakishly well.

Main Course

The Undervalued Employee's Guide To Entrepreneurship

1) Love The Job You Hate

2) Mindset Reset

3) Your Declaration

4) Questions The Need To Be Answered

5) Begin With The End In Mind

6) Check Lists

7) The Follow Up

8) BONUS - Vision | Tribe | Plan 

Valued at $997.00


Pen | Promote | Publish | Profit


It's time to fully indulge yourself as you taste that forbidden slice of sweetness. You know you've always wanted to pen your story. But don't be greedy ...share.

1) Penning Your Story

2) Promoting Your Story

3) Publishing Your Story

4) Profiting From Your Story 

Valued at $497.00