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Legacy Bridge, Inc. was founded in 2018 by Bridgett Renay, a 24-Year Navy Veteran who has served this country with honor, courage, and commitment. And just like every battle fought to preserve our freedom and way of life, she does not stop until you win. 

Legacy Bridge, Inc. specializes in building legacies for veterans as well as those stuck at dead-end jobs who are under-employed, under-valued, but overwhelmed with the stress of beginning their own profitable entrepreneurial endeavors. We provide several avenues of entrepreneurship with a focus on the procurement of government contracting so even us everyday citizens can get a piece of the $400 billion pie.

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Government Contracting/Subcontracting

Build Business Platforms |  Content Development 

P.O. Box 961326

Riverdale, Georgia 30296

(678) 358-8784

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