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April 2021 – Email Shout Out / Facebook Ad and/or Post


Subject: Before You Give Up On Your Entrepreneurial Dreams or Are You Struggling With Your Entrepreneur Endeavors


April is National Internship Awareness Month. You ask why that is important. Well, it’s because too many individuals with dreams of entrepreneurship are motivated at the idea of being their own boss. However, too many of them are so focused on making “boss moves” before they’ve even done an internship. And it’s just one of the reason why 22.5% of small businesses fail within the first year. That’s where Run Society comes into play.


Run Society is an exclusive membership organization, bound by exquisite declarations and pledges that we hold dear. We are a global network of individuals, leaders, organizations, and businesses, coming together with a shared mission of enhancing the economic position of women globally and creating a worldwide platform for:


  • Leadership, Mentorship, Economic Advancement & Empowerment for women;

  • Collaboration among women businesses;

  • Building of Alliances with other businesses and civic organizations;

  • Education and Insights on business issues for global opportunities;

  • Strategic networking among local, national, and global leaders.


Did you know that now is the best time in history to transition from employee to entrepreneur? And we owe it all to technology. Because of technology, we can now leverage the accumulation of wealth. Today’s technology has made it easier and cheaper to create a product or service. Also, check out these statistics:


  • 62% of billionaires are self-made

  • 83.1% of U.S. business owners started their companies

  • Minorities account for 46% of women-owned businesses in the U.S.

  • Small businesses are responsible for 97.6% of exported goods in the U.S.

  • 97% of self-employed professionals say they would never go back to traditional employment


Did you also know that now is the best time to join our organization? Run Society is celebrating National Internship Awareness Month with 15% off membership. We are also giving away free t-shirts with every new membership so you can show the world that you belong to a community who really wants to see you succeed as well as celebrate the successes of others.


Join us today and start collaborating with like-minded individuals whose intention is for every woman to succeed.


We’ll talk to you soon!


Run Society Membership Committee

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