“We start together, we finish together”. That was my unit’s motto when we were called back to active duty after 9-11. After watching those twin towers fall, I remember being so down for the cause that I gladly left the comfort zone (not to mention the great pay) of corporate America to serve my country. Patrolling my bad ass around base with a nine-mil strapped to my side and an M-16 slung around my neck was exactly what I needed to set myself on the path to becoming #undistracted.

I pissed so many people off during those ten months of 150 degree days (and no…that’s not an exaggeration), but I didn’t care. I was on a mission – to stay alive and to get mine. You see, if I was going to fight for my country, my country was going to pay me back ten times fold by giving me EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT I WAS ENTITLED TO. And yes baby, I did say “entitled” because unlike someone sitting on their couch waiting on their welfare checks, I earned my benefits.

And when I got back to the states I did just that. I went down to the VA and got my certificate of eligibility to secure my first home loan…boo-yah! I used my GI Bill to enroll in college and earned not one, but two degrees including an MBA…zoinks! I went to the package store on Sundays to buy alcohol even when I didn’t want it (which in my case was rare), but only because Georgia didn’t sell alcohol on Sundays at the time and just because I could…take that overly conservative Georgia! I made sure every Annual Training was an opportunity to travel some place exotic and new – London, Hawaii, New York, Dubai…yeah baby! I took advantage of every opportunity to head one of my units division – training, admin, career counselor – I did it all and leadership became second nature to me…and ain’t nothing changed!

The one thing I learned throughout my journey as a Navy Reservist is that as long as I remained #undistracted, I could take advantage of EVERYTHING life has to offer me. There are so many tricks people use to distract us, but we’re not going to fall for that bullsh*t are we? Not on my watch. Stick with me ladies and gentle because we’re about to go on one hell of a ride - and we’ll start…together.

#Undistracted, I am

Bridgett Renay

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