“We start together, we finish together”. That was my unit’s motto when we were called back to active duty after 9-11. After watching those twin towers fall, I remember being so down for the cause that I gladly left the comfort zone (not to mention the great pay) of corporate America to serve my country. Patrolling my bad ass around base with a nine-mil strapped to my side and an M-16 slung around my neck was exactly what I needed to set myself on the path to becoming #undistracted.

I pissed so many people off during those ten months of 150 degree days (and no…that’s not an exaggeration), but I didn’t care. I was on a mission – to stay alive and to get mine. You see, if I was going to fight for my country, my country was going to pay me back ten times fold by giving me EVERY SINGLE BENEFIT I WAS ENTITLED TO. And yes baby, I did say “entitled” because unlike someone sitting on their couch waiting on their welfare checks, I earned my benefits.