As a product of being the first generation out of The Projects, I am committed to showing Black America to stop thinking as if our only choice is to go crawl into a hole for the next four years. After all, who is Donald Trump to make us uncomfortable, to take away our liberties, to stop us from leaving legacies? The answer is, he is nobody that can do that. We are a people that have had fists, bricks, fire hoses, dogs, bullets and even laws try to hold us back, but look at what we have accomplished despite those efforts.

I am committed to seeing Black America flex. Right now we are acting like it is the end of our world, but it is actually an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to show all the bigots, racists, and haters of this country that we are a strong people with a heritage unmatched by any other race on this planet.

We will not be defined by Donald Trump and his politics, his beliefs, and especially his agenda. He has nothing on what we are capable of accomplishing. If anything, Donald Trump should be afraid of us. We have never just gone away silently – our ancestry has taught us way better than that. Black America has never, ever been in defeat mode and with every generation we become more resolved to achieving individual goals as well as our collective legacies.

Donald Trump is not going anywhere for at least four years. With that said, I want to remind Black America that we need to get one thing straight. We are not going to give his administration and supporters that mental power over us to remain in a stagnant state. We are not going to give them control over how we live our lives and the legacies we leave behind to our children. We are not going to set an example that teaches our children that a Republican in the White House equates to automatic doom. Our children go by the example that we set, not the ones set by the President of the United States. We are going to teach them how to straight up flex!

When I say flex, I mean to stop allowing so many people’s opinion to influence us and stop being so easily offended when it comes to how we approach their ignorance. Only a child should be that easily offended. Our skin is much, much thicker than that. Besides, we have bigger issues within our own communities to address. We should address the relationships that we have with each other before we bring other entities into this sometimes disturbing truth. We should address how we allow people who look like us, who were born into the same circumstances as us, and who are seen through the eyes of our would-be oppressors as being no different than us, continue to let us down. We allow politics to distract us from too many vital issues we need to resolve within our own homes, schools, and communities.

The focus should remain on keeping the faith, believing our capabilities, standing together, and building better lives for ourselves and future generations. The focus should be on an #UndistractedBlackNation.

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