Shame on You For Being so Loyal

Loyalty is great when it’s given to those who are truly looking out for your best interest. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s misplaced. I was in my car yesterday listening to the news and was made aware of some disturbing statistics.

Did you know according to a poll by the Associate Press, FORTY-THREE PERCENT OF AMERICANS WON’T BE TAKING A SUMMER VACATION WITH THE TOP REASON FOR SKIPPING A TRIP BEING THE COST? (You damn right that statement was in all caps …BRIDGETT’S ANGRY!!!)

And that’s not the most insulting part. Forty-one percent of Americans said they don’t get paid time off from the employers to use for vacation. ARE YOU SERIOUS?

You mean to tell me, you wake up before the sun, get dressed in clothes that’s been a part of your wardrobe for umpteen years, cuss your way through traffic only to arrive at a job that doesn’t even give you time off to decompress.

I’m fortunate to surround myself with some pretty amazing people and a lot of you reading this are one of them. We have so much to offer this world. I just wanted to give everyone a shout out as a reminder that I’m here and I’ve got your back. If you’re stuck, reach out to me. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe me, wealthy people are prosperous because they don’t go it alone.

STOP BUILDING SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM and focus on your own. Please don’t continue to place your loyalty where it doesn’t serve you. We are deserving of abundance because there’s enough out there for everyone. And if not you, then who? If not now, then when?

It is my hope that each of you reading this knows how worthy you are of living your life on your own terms while building a legacy that only you can achieve.

Dream big,

Bridgett Renay

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