Who's Independence Are You REALLY Celebrating?

The harrowing story of what happened to me that 120-degree day in the Middle East which changed my life forever is a long one, so I won’t tell it here. Nonetheless, a couple of weeks after 9/11, I found myself in the Middle East – strapped with a nine-mil on my waist side, a M-16 slung across my chest, along with a bullet proof vest (all weighing a total of 30 pounds) while guarding the front gate of a U.S. military base …did I mention the 120-degree heat (NO EXAGGERATIONS AT ALL!).

I had lots and lots of long conversations with God because I didn’t know what each day would bring, but I knew why I was there and what I was fighting for. I did it not just for my freedom, but for yours as well. I did it because I believe in The Dream more than I believe in The Preamble. I thank each of my brothers and sisters in arms who are reading this because only you can relate to what was going on in my mind at the time.

For those of you who can’t relate, I just have one favor to ask of you. Please don’t allow what our men and women in uniform are doing overseas by risking their lives be done in vain. Take advantage of the gift they’re giving you …your freedom. Your freedom to live life on your own terms by being your own rescue. Your freedom to build businesses that leave legacies for your dependents to inherit. Your freedom to wake up each and every day and say to yourself, “I am one bad mutha…”

I know one thing for sure. You’re on my email distribution list because you gave me your email address voluntarily and I wouldn’t have accepted it if we weren’t like-minded. We all have the same goal. Some of you are reaching them faster than others, nonetheless, I just want to always encourage you to live your best life no matter what stage you’re at.

So laugh, party, hang out with family and friends this long holiday weekend. But just don’t forget to stop at some point and ask yourself who’s independence are you REALLY celebrating? Don’t wait until your back is up against the wall and you start making promises to God of what you’re going to do with your life if he gets you out of an unforeseen predicament - make a move now!

Happy 4th of July!

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