Live Full and Die Empty

This week I lost not one, but two First Ladies. One I knew personally and the other I didn’t have a relationship with at all. Yet, I celebrate both their lives the same and here’s why.

Once I decided I would live a life where I prayed for everyone – including those who have disagreed with me, disappointed me, or distressed me, I was overflowed with a sense of tranquility. Having peace of mind is PRICELESS!

My dear friend, Rose Mary Williamson was the First Lady of Emmanuel A.M.E. Zion Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia – my first church home since moving to Georgia over twenty years ago. She was beautiful, smart, graceful, and funny. I learned so much about being a lady just by observing her. She helped to shape my spiritual growth and I am forever grateful to her because of that and so much more.

First Lady Barbara Bush was the wife of one U.S. President and the mother of another U.S. President. How many women have achieved that? Sometimes you simply have to give credit where credit is due regardless of which side of the political aisle you sit on.

The reason why I celebrate their lives the same is because they have something in common with each other – they both lived long, full lives and died empty. They both were admired by many. They both gave more of themselves than they asked for in return. They both leave behind an unmatched legacy.

This is definitely my goal. To live such a full life that when it’s time for me to go I have nothing else that needs to be added to my obituary. Just reflecting on what both of these women have given to this world fills me with anticipation because it keeps me in motion in pursuing my legacy.

Rest in peace First Lady Rose Mary Williamson and First Lady Barbara Bush. There are many who already miss you.

Your friend,

Bridgett Renay

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