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Take Your Power Back!

...and discover how to use your conventional 9-5 as your biggest investment tool 

Take Your Power Back

Entrepreneurship for the Undervalued Employee 

If you haven't been happy for a while because you live paycheck to paycheck, dream that one day you'll be your own boss, and especially long to create a legacy to leave behind for your dependents to inherit, click here because this workshop is for you.

The Entrepreneurship for the Undervalued Employee workshop is designed to coach the underappreciated, underpaid, underemployed and the undervalued employee to maintain their conventional 9-5 status, along with their demanding lifestyles, while turning their lunch break into their most profitable hour of the day.

Discover actionable steps that take your Plan B to the next level in terms of detail, strategy, and practicality by:


  • Doing something that matters to you and that you’re in control of

  • Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and keeping you progressing

  • Building confidence as you save money, time, and frustration in following your dreams

  • No longer feeling like a cubicle slave, but instead breathing lighter, laughing harder, and chasing more profitable dreams once dared to even speak out loud.

Entrepreneurship for the Undervalued Emp

You think your life is on hold only because you don’t know how to get started in transitioning into your greatness. I’m here to prove you ever so wrong. Your fears of losing your job without a safety net or retiring without enough funds to have peace of mind are soon to be a distant memory replaced with changes in your lives in an unconventional and unexpected ways.

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