STOP Being Underpaid, Underemployed, Undervalued, Underserved, and Totally Misunderstood in the Workplace

Before you spend what little disposable income you have on expensive conferences, or get stuck with impersonal memberships, you first need to know if you're capable of monetizing the skills you already do freakishly well. Here's an opportunity for you to privately test the waters in your own space - on your own time.

2020 Three-Course Transformation Meal


Main Course

This calorie-free delicacy is filled with time management and actionable steps towards tricking that stingy boss of yours into bankrolling your entrepreneurial endeavors as you rightfully monetize the skills you do freakishly well.

The Undervalued Employee's Guide To Entrepreneurship

1) Love The Job You Hate

2) Mindset Reset

3) Your Declaration

4) Questions That Need To Be Answered

5) Begin With The End In Mind

6) Check Lists

7) The Follow Up

8) BONUS - Vision | Tribe | Plan 

Valued at $997.00


Pen | Promote | Publish | Profit


It's time to fully indulge yourself as you taste that forbidden slice of sweetness. You know you've always wanted to pen your story. But don't be greedy ...share it with the world.

1) Penning Your Story

2) Promoting Your Story

3) Publishing Your Story

4) Profiting From Your Story 

Valued at $497.00

Three-Course Transformation Meal Menu


Take Your Power Back


Your appetizer features three succulent treats that will unapologetically incite the fire in you to discover and chase the career and lifestyle of your dreams while redefining your self-worth. 

1) The Lunch Break Hustler Rite of Passage

2) Take Your Power Back

3) Your Next Move 

Valued at $497.00



1. What if I don’t have the time to complete the workshops? That’s the beauty of these workshops. They are all designed to be completed during your lunch break – the one hour of the day that belongs to you and you only. Instructions on how to turn your lunch break into your most profitable hour of the day can be found at the beginning of your workbooks.


2. How long will I have access to the workshops? You will have access to the workshops for six months. If you need an extension, you can send an email to and we will extend your access time.


3. What if I have questions about the workshops? You can post all of your inquires in the Lunch Break Hustler Academy Facebook group and either an administrator or one of your accountability buddies will assist you. Or, you can send an email to


4. Why are the workshops so inexpensive? The workshops themselves are actually valued at over $2,000. However, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to reinvent themselves without breaking the bank. Here at Legacy Bridge, Inc., we know how frustrating it is to have to choose between paying bills vs. finding new ways to monetize your marketable gifts. Because the workshops are new, we only ask that you leave an honest review once you have completed them.

5. Is there a money back guarantee? No, there is not. This is a special offer that has been discounted for the purpose of not putting any financial strains on our students. 

"The Vision, Tribe, Plan portion absolutely killed the game..."

"Of course I was skeptical, but this actually changes the way I see my business."

"Wow! Information overload! ...and I plan to use it all to grow my business."