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You are on a mission that will change lives. Who better to design it than you? Who better to profit from it than you?

The Pain: Think about all the anxiety that keeps you up at night - underpaid, underappreciated, under pressure, and totally misunderstood. You bust your ass building other people's dream while yearning to build a legacy of your own.

The Cure: Based on my bestselling book, the Lunch Break Hustler Plan B Workshop is the most soothing medication as it allows you to: transition your work environment from insufferable to rewarding; surround yourself with like-minded individuals; understand your worth; reveal your marketable skills; build a profitable platform; and create a realistic plan of action. It features live training along with membership to my exclusive Facebook group.

The Results: Physical – gain peace of mind; reduce the level of stress; lower blood pressure; lose weight easier; more energy; better dieting: Financial – build more marketable skills; make more money; make better investments; favorable retirement: The Unexpected – become better leaders; build financially healthier communities; more money and time to travel; doing what you love to do

1. Established in 2016 by Bridgett Renay, it is the Underground Railroad For The Cubicle Slave created to help you build your Plan B.

2. Designed for those who believe they don't have time to invest in their future because it takes place within just one hour of your day - the lunch break.

3. Serving entrepreneurs and small businesses with Content Development and Business Writing.

4. Changes lives when focus is on building profitable businesses that leave legacies.

5. example. Lunch Break Hustler's have a vision and are ready to set this world ablaze because WE DO NOT STOP UNTIL WE WIN!

Turn your lunch break into your

most profitable hour of the day and

gain the healthy kind of phat!

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