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Veteran Collab'Preneurs

Combat to Contracts

Use your military credentials to sell your products or services to the world's largest consumer by far...

The U. S. Federal Government.

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Veteran Collab'Preneurs Conference

Atlanta, Georgia


FOR ONE DAY ONLY and right here in Atlanta! Join fellow Veterans along with phenomenal business leaders and award-winning speakers to discover how to sell your product or services to the world’s largest consumer by far – The United States Federal Government. With emphasis on: 1) Contracting with the Federal Government; 2) Certification for Veteran-owned businesses; 3) Business start-up or expansion; 4) Business marketing planning; 5) Combat to Contract resources; 6) Veteran family wealth planning with emphasis on “wealth”; 7) Networking and collaborating with fellow veterans; and 8) Breaking through financial barriers.

Veteran Collab'Preneurs

Veterans Doing Business With Other Veterans

We are more than just warriors who have fought for the freedom of our families and nation.


We are like-minded individuals with a vision of growing our own businesses and living life on our own terms.


We already recognize the benefits of teamwork and are committed to supporting each other through camaraderie and collaboration.


We have honorably served, or are currently serving, our America by having invested our time, faith, health and life with the risk of making the ultimate sacrifice. Now it’s time to cash in our dividends. 


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Check back with us in September for 2019 conference information.

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