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...and we do not stop until we win. 

Bridging The Gap

Between You and Your Legacy

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Lunch Break Hustler

If you feel like a cubicle slave stuck at a dead-end job and you're ready to start building your own legacy, these workshops are for you. Create the lifestyle of your dreams by turning your lunch break into your most profitable hour of the day and gaining the healthy kind of P.H.A.T. (Personal Habits Advance Transformation). It you think you don't have the time then Time Management for the Cubicle Slave is your answer. If you're ready to start your journey the Entrepreneurship for the Cubicle Slave workshop is your answer. If you just want to write about the journey you're already taking, then you need the Pen, Promote, Publish & Profit workshop. 

"We Start Together, 

We Finish Together."

Each year the United States Federal Government spends $500 billion with 23% set aside for contracting with small businesses. If you're a minority-owned or women-owned business, the percentages go even higher. Combine that with being a U.S. Veteran and the numbers are staggering.  It means that more than $115 billion has been set aside for you. I AM DUTY BOUND TO SHOW YOU HOW TO CLAIM YOUR SHARE!

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